Calle huerta

Given the characteristics of the plot of land and the current municipality regulations, there is a possibility to divide the plot to be able to build in the back part two more structures which can be used as properties (apartments) one on the first floor and another on the second floor which can be seen on the proposed plans (not final) along with this document.

In regards to the ground floor there is also the possibility of creating similar properties to those in the request, it could also be used as a parking area for the two apartments or as a commercial unit.


In continuation we will create an approximate cost total of the investment to be carried out:
2-Ground Floor: parking 600€/m2, total cost 36,000€
4-First floor: apartment 1500€/m2, total cost 90,000€
5-Second floor: apartment + chill-out 1800 €/m2, total cost 108,000€